LL Yoga - Nanaimo & Vancouver Island

Nanaimo, BC

Offering private & semi-private classes in Nanaimo or around Vancouver Island. 
Contribute What You Choose! 
Rates are negotiable based on what you can comfortably contribute.  

Relax & Renew - great for beginners or those wishing to relax and relieve stress.
Flow Yoga - for those looking to increase their heart rate by flowing in & out of poses.

See our Class Descriptions page for more details on different styles that can be offered. 

Contact Laurah-Lee for details 250-816-2256 or email info@LLYoga . ca.

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We all do our best to cope with the stresses of our busy lives. However, it is important to schedule time for ourselves so that we are able to take care of those daily details and the people who bring meaning into our life. A Yoga practice can teach you to take that much needed time for YOU!  There are always going to be those days where you would rather skip your practice, but there will never be a day where you regret doing Yoga. 


You can follow LL Yoga on Facebook or Twitter.  Or contact us for details by email info@LLYoga . ca or 250-816-2256.

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